Zonta Breast Cancer Patient Care Ride


Yes a huge THANK YOU to all who attended to support this great cause.

I think around 43 motorcycles turned up at Kirra Sports Club for the sign on and breakfast (thank you Phil etc) before Gary led us away heading down the Highway to Condong along Cane Rd then out through the back of Murwillumbah and onto Uki Hotel for a quick refreshment. The first raffle was actually won by a Lady representing Zonta so that was very cool.

From Uki it was out to Tyalgum Hotel for lunch where the poor old bar and kitchen staff were virtually run off their feet but done a great job of getting all our meals and refreshments to us in good time, also a big thank you to the Tyalgum Hotel for donating $2 from every burger sold to Zonta. My apologies for not remembering the names of the people who won the raffle at Tyalgum but if someone can let me know I will add them in this post later.

Okay the final leg of our ride was from Tyalgum back through Chillingham, Crystal Creek, North Tumbulgum out through Hogans Rd, Bilambil and onto the Ivory Tavern where we had a dollar coin donation sausage sizzle and another raffle which was won by Peter W. Then it was onto the awards for the day which went to Linda Bale for best dressed female, Dave Hamilton for best dressed male and Jeff Kleem for best dressed bike.

A great day weather wise, friendship wise and best of all collecting money for Zonta.

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