The Ray Owen Run Report & Photos


Well the Ray Owens Swap Meet Ride report, This ride was not scheduled as a catered event or even a club ride, Mark was just going to go to the Ray Owens Swap Meet and anyone wishing to go could come along and “do their own thing”. Then it was decided to organise it as a catered vintage ride, as the previous vintage ride was cancelled due to the floods. Then the designated time of the ride was changed to 8.00 am, so it was immediately placed on the web site to give members some sort of advanced notice on the time change, if anyone missed this, sorry it was short notice. Well a lot of riders have been following the web site and word of mouth and wanted to go to this Swap Meet. Some 64 bikes were there at Kirra Sports Club at 8.00am in the morning, some still arriving as we rode off.

We had a nice ride out to Canungra to the Swap Meet, after a very ordinary start, going through almost a half a dozen sets of lights breaking up the pack and spreading it out for kilometres, luckily the traffic was very light, the corner markers to their credit and patience doing a great job. The Swap Meet which was absolutely jam packed, there must have been well over two hundred bikes just in the very well organised parking lot. The venue was standing room only lots of stalls and as usual the bikes on show were awesome, Jeff and Popeye have hundreds of photos on our web site. While some members caught up on breakfast,
gorging themselves on all the yummies on offer while a few members handed out several hundred of our clubs well received Swap Meet flyers, Thanks heaps to those members, Andy had his stall at the Swap Meet handing out several hundred flyers, with one of our new sandwich board Swap Meet signs, which many people photographed to get our Swap Meet details when the flyers had ran out. Andy is up at the Maryborough Swap Meet the following weekend doing the same, as he will be at all the Swap Meets and Markets leading up to our June Swap Meet, great work Andy, the club really appreciates the effort you put in.

On leaving the Swap Meet complete chaos took over that could of and should have been easily avoided with just a little communication and organisation, a text book example of how not to leave a venue on a run. Taking advantage of the chaos on the road now jammed with waiting riders, realising
we were not going anywhere for a while I took the opportunity for a toilet stop I should have done before we left, parked the bike at the toilet block beside the road while members sat waiting sucking up exhaust fumes on hot bikes, some members shaking their heads laughing at how ridiculous the situation was. On coming back out, incredibly the pack had still barely moved, so I simply rode around the traffic jam and blocked the on coming traffic so the club could finally move across the intersection as one group. The lead rider and some corner markers to block the intersection could have and should been organised well before the first bike started up? Why a simple exit plan was not organised by the club to have an orderly departure will no doubt be a topic of the clubs next meeting! We must prepare, organise and communicate our rides far better than this, especially leaving a crowded venue like this one, we do have an events committee, it’s high time they were again allowed to organise club events in advance properly. Then again on leaving Advancetown pub, with riders again asking where are we going next? Unsure of where the actual lunch stop location was, several riders instead left the ride and headed else where. Across the road from the pub was a downed bike rider that had had a bingle with a car, he knew where he was going, “to hospital”!

The remaining group rode down to Neumann park “the Duck pond” at Currumbin for lunch. There with our new super bright yellow Marque, “sunglasses and sun screen are mandatory under it”, We will never lose that bright yellow Marque, “ no one will ever steal it” and everyone will forever know who’s it is! Phil had lunch ready as always, every feed a banquet, some I saw heading for seconds, it must have been good. A BIG THANK YOU, to Justin for AGAIN driving the back up trailer, the club members really appreciate the effort you put in. The Neumann park is a very nice venue, but probably a little to close to home for a ride lunch stop, but in this case appropriate. After the big lunch the ride just dispersed, apparently it was the end of the ride, we really had no idea and neither did anyone else? Lets hope the next ride has far better communication and the events committee can have it mapped out and properly planned. Next ride is Jeff’s “MR KLEEM’S” overnighter to Glenn Innes on the 27th of May, see details of the chosen route and planned stops already in previous Newsletters and on our web site.

Rod Hall (Vice President)

Note; due to the fact that it is so time consuming to post photos on here at the moment I have mainly posted people photos, however there are many many more of the ride and the bike show on our facebook page. Jeff.