St Patricks Day Run 2019

Once again we were blessed with mostly good weather on our 3rd run of the year, the St Patricks Day Run. Turned out to be a pretty good crowd (about 23 bikes) considering the “scary” weather forecast once again and we even had a couple of riders from America join us as part of their Australia ride as we headed off with Rossi at the pointy end leading the way out through West Tweed up over Bilambil – Terranora – and on to the Tweed Valley Way at Tumbulgum and down the old highway to the Middle Pub at Mullumbimby for our first stop, Once again the Pub provided us with a bottle of refreshment for our charity raffle which was won by Neville. Just a quick stop this one as we had to make Coraki in time for lunch and we were heading through some pretty winding roads which do soak up a bit of time. All had a good run down to Coraki but then at the last minute a couple of riders (including the lead rider??? lol) missed the turn off to the Coraki Pub, which really only cost them about 1/2 a glass of refreshment time anyway. And now the sad part, the pub had a larger than usual lunch crowd in prior to us getting there and had run out of bread and bread rolls!!!, Anyway we all found something else to throw down our throats to fill the belly and it’s all about the ride and the comradery at the end of the day anyway, so after some photos and chit chat we mounted up again to head for Billinudgel Pub for last drinks on the way home. I think we made it to somewhere south of Wardell and out luck with the weather ran out in a big way, the rain came pouring down which saw several people pulling up under tunnels etc on the way to Billinudgel , meantime I put the screen up on the Indian, turned the music up a little and thought I was a smart arse cruising along in the pouring rain with my jacket 3/4s of the way undone and my visor up with hardly a drop of rain touching me at 110kph, but then of course after the turnoff to Billinudgel slowing down to 40kph the rain came straight down on top of me and I got a bit of a drenching in the last 1/4 of a klm DAMN IT!!. None of our crew were there when I pulled up but not long after Popeye and several other rode up but decided to make a run for home, as it seems many others did as well.  anyway a few others turned up and while we were having a drink Gary Ross who was towing the back up trailer with wife Julieanne riding shotgun missed a few calls from Rossi because his phone had no service, so not much we could do about that. I headed off toward home and a few k’s up the road Dave & Rossi were on the side of freeway where Rossi’s near new BMW lol (cant be more than 39 years old) had run out of fuel, Tony Mono had ridden up a bit further to see if he could get phone reception but Gary and Julieanne were only a few minutes behind me anyway so when they turned up we decided it was easier to put the Beemer on the trailer and Rossi on the back seat for a comfy trip back home. And so once again as far as we know everyone made it home safely after another fantastic THMCEC ride. Thank you to Rossi for organising the ride, Gary and Julieanne for being backup, everyone who attended for making it a great day, the middle pub at Mullum and the Coraki hotel for their generosity in providing raffle prizes which helps us to provide for several charities throughout the year and to the weather Gods for keeping us dry most of the day. Jeff.