Over The Hill Run 2019

2019 THMCEC Over The Hill Run
“FORTUNE FAVOURS THE BRAVE” The brave being the 28 riders and their pillions that turned up under nasty skies this morning and headed west, once again just as we were about to leave the Kirra Sports Club most donned thier wet weather gear or part thereof as the rain started to tumble down, but of course sweating away in your wet weather gear can mean only one thing, you won’t get enough rain to keep you cool in that plastic suit after you put it on . Rossi led the way up to Currumbin and out on to the M1 as we made our way through the road works up to Nerang where we turned off and headed inland out to Canungra where Rossi turned into the garage for fuel as his old faithful BMW was popping and running on one cylinder, turns out though during our regrouping stop at Beaudesert it wasn’t a fuel problem but something electrical. Also at Beaudesert Gary Ross had his alarm going off on his 750cc Harley, anyway both bikes gained their composure and we headed toward our first refreshment stop at Rathdowney where we sat, chatted and enjoyed a cold drink. Gary Johnson who was doubling Tracy, and also Steve on the Vstrom decided to head home from here whilst the rest of us made our way to Woodenbong for lunch, well that is most of the rest of us, turns out Gary Ross’ 750 HD was making complaints via the dashboard about reving too hard for too long (not like Gaz to ride like that lol) and decided to make Gary wait for about 40 minutes while it cooled down after which Gary also made the decision to head home.  The rest of us made it to Woodenbong Hotel with 1 minute until the kitchen closed, The Woodenbong hotel always looks after us very well and made all of our lunches happen quickly (exept Nevilles lol) and I heard no complaints as the food was delicous, the poor bloke running the meals out to us was doing a great job even though a few of us were claiming meals as he called out names that weren’t ours just to confuse him (all in good fun of course) so thank you once again Woodenbong Hotel. As the rest of us got ready to ride to Kyogle a few raced up and got fuel just to be on the safe side and then we headed south to Kyogle where we regrouped once again and headed for last drinks at the Uki Mount Warning Hotel. Everyone I spoke to here said what a great day they had and then we slowly dispersed and made our way home to think about the next great THMCEC ride. A massive thank you to Ross Rayner aka Rossi for putting on another fantastic ride which put smiles on a lot of faces after a pretty wild and windy week prior to Sunday due to cyclone Oma. We look forward to seeing all you great motorcycle people on the next ride. Jeff.