Lord of the lake bus trip 24th Sept 2017


Well what another fantastic trip to the Historic Motorcycle (Lord of the lake) Racing at Lakeside Raceway. A bit of a shame there was not too much interest in this trip as anyone who enjoys a mixture of great company, great old bikes and racing, as well as a feed and a drink would most certainly enjoy this outing. A MASSIVE thank you to Harry and the huge effort (including driving the bus) he put in to give us all a great day out, and also show Phil a little appreciation by letting him just relax for a change although I think he did do the shopping (can’t help himself). We left the Kirra Sports Club around 7am after Darren had restrained Dave with some rope lol, and arrived at the track at about 8.30am jumping straight into action setting up some shade and the bbq tables and chairs. Derek’s ears must have been burning wherever he was as we pulled out the large gazebo shade which he had kindly donated to the club only to find that each of the plastic corners were broken and it looked as though we would be standing in the 30 degree heat of the sun all day, but we were not going to have that and so a few of the boys set about trying to tie it together to withstand the wind which was blowing on top of the hill where we were camped. Okay while they were doing that Harry and a few others had pulled out the bbq and lit it up for our bacon & egg breakfast only to find not enough gas getting through the regulator to keep it alight, after a few frustrating minutes Noel suggested pulling the cap of the regulator which we did to find an adjustment to the gas flow so yeehah breakfast was underway and the shade had been assembled, great work boys.

As is usual the day was taken up with a walk or two through the pits, getting some great photos, watching some great old bikes racing around and of course great food and a few drinks with a great crew of people from the THMCEC. We also had a chance to catch up with fellow member Russell on the day. The orange Benelli 6 cylinder in the photos is owned by a mate of Russell’s and mine Les who also has the CBX 6 Cylinder the Z 1300 6 cylinder. I had to get photo’s of the Hyundai with the XU1GTR plates lol. The trip home as usual was just a little more boisterous than the trip up there with a few jokes and a lot of laughter to cap off a fantastic day. Bring on next years trip. P.S. Popeye has many more photos on the facebook site. Jeff.