Kenilworth Overnighter 22/10/2016

The last overnighter for 2016 seemed to be very popular amongst all who attended, even Rod who was-was not- was going. We left the Kirra Sports Club just about right on time and headed up the Gold Coast Highway to Nerang where we veered off down Alexander drv to scoop up Dave, Kim and Leon before heading out through Canungra Beaudesert and into Kalbar where we were scheduled for our first refreshments but as it turned out the pub had no beer (it had closed down!!) and so for most it was off to find a coffee shop etc, President Harry enjoyed a very Presidential looking cup of tea and Brian enjoyed some exotic looking smoothie type thingy.

So then it was back on the bikes and heading to Fernvale for lunch, I led as far as Marburg where we filled up and Ducati Brian took over the leadership, knowing the way up and through Lowood and into Fernvale for lunch where $10.50 steak sandwiches were on offer and absolutely yummy. From there the ride/scenery got even more spectacular as we headed alongside the Summerset Dam and into Kilcoy where a couple of riders stopped for a toilet break just out of town and the rest of us decided we would head to the pub and meet them there. From there it was up through the edge of Maleny and onto Kenilworth, if you have never ridden the roads up there in the Glasshouse Mountains then you are missing some of the best roads available in SE Queensland.

After arriving at the Kenilworth Pub it was time to lock the bikes away in the shed and really relax and have a good time. Alison and I scooped up all the room keys and went upstairs to check them out and make sure everyone would get the appropriate accommodation, which everyone did especially President Harry who even though missing his better half (Dianne could not attend the weekend) still received the Presidentially furnished suite complete with Air Con, TV, and kitchenette (see photos),  and everyone was so happy for him NOT! lol.

Pretty sure everyone was happy with the huge dinner that night where we all got to sit at one very large setting and enjoy each others company. Harry ran a raffle and Alison although not liking the numbers won a bottle of bourbon (supplied by the publican), and several people won shirts with one lucky local winning two.

As you know what happens on tour stays on tour, suffice to say that everyone was very well behaved whilst still having a good time and really enjoying a great night, A few wanted some loud music to happen but the word from most (including me) was that it was really good to be able to just sit and talk and enjoy the great companionship.

The next morning found everyone coming out of their rooms in dribs and drabs to be met with pouring rain and so no one was in a real hurry to hit the road. Back up driver Tony (who did a fantastic job) came along to check a few of us still had heart beats and moveable limbs etc  (bloody funny, see photos) and then after that a  good size breakfast was a welcome sight for most with a lot of discussion happening about which way to head home, a few people were getting updates from the BOM every couple of minutes and the decision was made that we would head back down the mountain to Beerwah with Ducati Brian leaving us at a T section along the way and heading back through Marburg to catch up with a friend. After fuelling up and the rain now stopped we grouped up and headed homeward.

It was a little chilly in places heading back down the mountain with slightly wet roads but no rain falling on us. As I said before the riding/scenery up there is beautiful and after parting company with Ducati Brian ( there is a funny story about that lol) we enjoyed some more great riding roads before heading down the highway and most of us stopping at the Caboolture roadhouse for a coffee etc. A couple of thank you’s and goodbyes to the crew and then it was back on the highway for a boring (but pretty easy) ride home.

From the feedback I am sure all had a good time, there is a couple more stories that I could add to this review but the people who attended already know, so if you don’t want to miss out on “what happens on tour” then best you get yourself to one of these overnighters, and don’t forget members & riders get first preference.  I can’t thank everyone enough for the responsible way they rode and behaved, Ducati Brian for leading the way when I was not feeling too good, Tony for doing a great job as back up driver and the THMCEC for not just this run but another great year of riding with fantastic people. With one more run to come yet, the Memorial Run.  Again thanks to all involved for a great weekend.

Jeff & Alison

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