Glen Innes Overnighter 27/05/2017

RIDE REPORTIt was just a little chilly when we rolled up to our meeting point at the Kirra Sports Club around 8.30 but good to see that most people came prepared for a cool ride south. Once we had all gathered we left just after 9am and headed down the highway to Murwillumbah, out through Uki and on to Kyogle, I noticed that a small group of us had not been seen in my mirrors for a while and so I pulled over in Kyogle to ask if anyone knew where they were, it wasn’t a scheduled stop but by the time I stopped and looked in my mirrors there were people with helmets off lighting cigarettes and scurrying off in several different directions. Sandra (sensibly) was making calls to see where they were but knowing that Harry (the mechanic) and the back up trailer were back there, I said there was no point in us stopping and everyone knew the first stop was Casino so Alison and I headed off again with others eventually following.

First stop Casino where most filled up and Sandra informed us that the reason for the missing riders at Kyogle was that Gus’s trike had stopped and then just as they were going to put it on the trailer it fired back up and he was on his way. Turns out it was beef week in Casino and the tailenders into Casino were delayed a few extra minutes in the heavy traffic. This is where Darren and Lisa met up with us after a flying trip up the coast that morning to purchase a new helmet for Lisa.
After we re grouped and those who needed it had re fuelled it was on down the Summerland Way to the Royal Hotel at South Grafton for lunch which I had booked in for about a month prior yet it still took them around 90 minutes to get food to our tables, lucky the food was so nice otherwise I would have been even more annoyed than I already was, anyway all hunger fed, thirst quenched and some sore bums rested it was back on the road to Glen Innes.
We had a 5 minute break at Jackadgery then headed up the Gibralter Range which as usual was a great ride with a lot of good corners and nice scenery to keep everyone alert as the temperature dropped to “bloody freezing” according to some,  and despite leaving late from Grafton we made good time to the Great Central Hotel in Glen Innes, arriving about 4.20pm from memory. The publican (Tony) had the undercover parking for our bikes all cleared and ready for us and was very helpful with the room list I sent him, although the room that Russell was supposed to be in next to me and Alison was not what I thought and so Russell bunked in with Wayne. Tony even went around and stuck all the keys in the doors for us while me and Sandra told everyone which rooms they were in. The electric blankets provided would prove to be very comfortable that night.
The Great Central is not your usual pub with a fairly small bar area and a lot of resaurant sections but this made it nice and cosy for us and there was a good outdoor area for the smokers.  Tony (the pubican) was kind enough to donate a bottle of Jack Daniels toward our raffles and as well as that we had 3 very nice Harley belt buckles (donated by club member Tony Monoghan) and several shirts donated by the club. Russell who makes a big effort by riding from the north side of Brisbane to join us on rides and seems to win something most times he does come down kept it up by winning the bottle of JD so good on you Russell. The belt buckles and shirts were spread amongst locals and club members. The barmaid had made mention to Gus about her Uncle John who really loved trikes and had just been diagnosed with cancer and given 6 months to live, so Gus agreed to take him for a ride around Glen Innes on Sunday morning weather permitting and a few of us were spreading the word that we would get everyone to ride in front and make it a bit of a procession for John. Unfortunately Sunday morning brought rainy skies and pretty cool temps, however John did turn up to say hi and drool over Gus’ trike and the other bikes. As with anyone with this dreadful condition the THMCEC wishes John all the very best and although missing out on a ride he still had a great big smile on his face so we are thankful we could provide that.
As stated Sunday morning brought rainy skies and pretty cool temps but the pub laid on a real country breakfast for us which made us feel a little better while we waited to see what the weather would do. Well all the weather done was get worse so we packed up, Rod decided to take off on his own just 10 minutes before everyone else for some reason, we said farewell to Tony the publican who was not only out there to greet us upon arrival but was also out there to see us off. We rode to a servo about 2klm out and re fueled.  Fiona and Marty kindly offered the girls that weren’t already riding in Wayne’s back up vehicle a ride in the car where it was nice and warm. Alison decided to stick it out on the back of the Indian and although she had no rain gear she did have a warm bum from the heated seats. The rain was fairly heavy in places and visibility was very low, Russell left us near drake and headed north to Brisbane, later reporting that both he and “Jack Daniels”  made it home safely. The rest of us made it safely to Casino where the weather dried up and we fuelled up. Harry was having trouble with his starter staying in (faulty relay he thinks) and so we decided to stick together and head back through Lismore and up the highway to home. Dave and Kim, Alison and I stopped at at the Chinderah pub to wet our throats before heading home ourselves. I hope everyone enjoyed the different scenery etc on this overnighter as I know Alison and I did. There will be
another overnighter later in the year so keep and eye out for details on that one.
Special thanks to Wayne for joining us as the back up driver, we hope you enjoyed yourself mate. DON’T FORGET, IF YOU WANT TO ENLARGE A PHOTO JUST CLICK ON IT.
All the best from
Jeff & Alison