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All Indian Rally Murwillumbah Photos – 2014

Some Tweed Heads Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club Members were fortunate to head off to the All Indian Rally at Murwillumbah in Northern NSW on 20th April 2014.

Members met at Kirra Sports Club at 8 am and supplied the great photos shown blow. You can’t get more enthusiastic than that!

These are very impressive Bikes! All are registered and many competed in the Rally.


Apologies for the late SMS message regarding this Run and the Run dropping off our Calendar after a recent upgrade.

We try and include as many events of interest in our Calendar as long as they don’t clash with our own. So, if there is no Club Run on and you are looking for something to do that is motorcycle related check our Calendar. We give priority to local events and charity events.

Remember, we are “The Enthusiasts” and we are “The Originals”. “The Imitators” from up North cannot match us for our Runs, our enthusiasm, our dedication and passion and our originality.

Our next early start for a regular run will be our 30th Anniversary Annual Byron Bay Breakfast Run on August 3 with a 7:30 am start. We had a 46 Indian and a 1913 Indian Racer on our first Official Club run to Byron Bay on 12th August, 1984. We’d love some  more Indian’s on this Run so bring ‘em on out!

Kirra Sports Club Membership and Promotions

A reminder to Tweed Heads Motorcycle Enthusiasts Club members that your membership includes membership to Kirra Sports Club.

If you are a new member, or otherwise, and are yet to receive your Kirra Sports Club Membership Card then visit the Club and see if it is on hand. If not contact Donna and the situation will be resolved. Contact information in the About Us page.

Kirra Sports Club generously supports the Club and your support in return is appreciated. Our weekly Thursday night raffles are held at Kirra Sports Club at 7:30 pm which includes a THMCEC Members draw. You have to be there to be in it and win it.

The Kirra Sports Club 250 Club draw is currently at $12,000. This could come in handy for a Bike upgrade or a nice Winter escape. Does Phuket or a trip to the snow interest you?

Details on current Kirra Sports Club major promotions can be found here.

THMCEC Dinner Run – 9th April 2014

The 2nd THMCEC Dinner Run was held on 9th April 2014.

The Run took us to the the Chinderah Tavern where  we enjoyed a great meal and great company. You can’t ask for more.

These runs are proving popular and,  despite the prospect of gloomy weather, we had a good turnout and not a drop of rain falling from above.

Visors came out of storage, sunglasses were replaced with goggles or night riding glasses and we left Kirra Sports Club spot on time thanks to Harry’s impeccable timing. I’m sure he syncs his watch every day to make sure everything is done without any delay. If you’re late then you wait – alone.

Our journey took us down our usual back way to Tumbulgum and up the Old Pacific Highway to Chinderah. We avoided that big mean nasty boring highway on the way down. Why they call it a Freeway, Highway or Motorway beats me. There is nothing free about it considering the taxes we pay, The only high thing about it is the speed (and that’s relative) and most roads have things with motors on them.

Tommy had organised a great meal for us. Thanks Tommy! For $15 we had a fantastic meal and garlic bread. We had a selection from 5 dishes for mains.

THMCEC Dinner Run - 9th April 2014

The menu. Just reading it made someone hungry enough to have a nibble.


Eyes lit up when plates were collected. The meal was humongous! Some of us made it through it all while others who must have pigged out beforehand or who have shrunken stomach syndrome actually left a bit. What a great deal!

Peter had a birthday on this Run and we were treated to a scrumptious chocolate cake.

THMCEC Dinner Run - 9th April 2014

Peter and his Birthday Cake

These runs are something “different” and a great opportunity to get together, head for a short ride, enjoy great company and great food. Hopefully there will be more this year. If your significant other complains about never going out and gets a sore butt on the back of the Bike on longer rides then a Dinner Run is a great opportunity to share some quality time together (or with your Club mates ;) ) away from home.

Where would you like to head to for our next Dinner Run? Maybe you know someone who knows someone who can put on another great deal for us. Pop along to our next Club Meeting and put forward your suggestion. You can find listings for our Club Meetings in our Calendar.

Unfortunately Popeye’s camera battery went flat on the night so we have a mix of phone and camera shots in the gallery below. Thanks Popeye! Popeye’s flattery went a bit bat on the night too but that’s another story.


Reminder to Popeye: Charge your battery and flattery before our next run. Carry spares of each if you need to. We rely on you too much.

THMCEC Vintage Misty Mountain Run – Sunday 13th April

A reminder that the Club’s nest Run is the “Vintage Misty Mountain Run” to be held this Sunday, 13th April 2014.

The Run departs from Kirra Sports Club at 10 am sharp. Daylight Savings is over in NSW so it’s 10 am both NSW and Queensland time. Queenslanders can sleep in an hour late or just turn up at 9 am and you’ll be sure to be there before 10 am. Harry gets impatient if we don’t leave spot on time so stragglers or sleep-ins might find themselves left out.

Only a few know exactly where Misty Mountain is so it will be follow the leader. You can expect there will be a mountain somewhere and maybe some mist.

Forecast for Sunday has been improving day by day as Sunday approaches. Current forecast is a possible late thunderstorm (we’ll be the ones making the most thunder), 27 deg maximum with light SSE-SE winds at 10 – 15 km/h. A nice little fresh breeze to cool us down.

This might be a rather long run so be advised to fill up before you get to Kirra and you might also need to top up at one of our stops on the way.

We’ve been lucky that our last 2 Runs have coincided with birthdays and we’ve had Pavlova and Cake. We want more cake! So, if someone has a birthday next Sunday let the cake person know (whoever the cake person is). If you can’t find the cake person then bring some along  and share it around. We don’t do latte so you can’t be accused of being a Cafe Racer.

If no birthdays are found on Sunday then Jodi has volunteered to do her 27th. This may or may not have happened but since the core of a club is its volunteers her sacrifice is welcomed. It’s all about cake!

With our next local Run not until June 29 this is the Run you want to be on. So beat the winter chill, bring out your Bike and come along and join us.

Cost is $5 for members and $10 for non-members. This includes lunch and covers the cost of the supplied back-up trailer. Maybe, if we are lucky, we’ll also have cake.

Birthday Cake

This looks like a nice cake

THMCEC Dinner Run – Wednesday 9th April 2014

THMCEC Dinner Run

After the success of the last Dinner Run the Club will be holding a Members Only Dinner Run on Wednesday, 9th April 2014.

The Run departs from Kirra Sports Club at 6:30 pm. Cost for dinner is $15.  Drinks extra.

Destination will be Chinderah. A great opportunity to enjoy great company and a great meal.

So, make sure your lights  work and rock along and join us. Fuel up before just in case we replicate our last Dinner Run and take a diversion. You’ll be sure to to arrive with a hunger.

Those with open face helmets might like to cover up or keep their mouths closed to avoid an entree of bugs. Unless that is your thing of course.

Fostering Motorcycling in Northern NSW and South East Queensland. Celebrating 30 years in 2014.

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