Welcome To Tweed Heads Motor Cycle Enthusiasts Club

Well that’s Christmas and New Year over and done

We hope all our members and their families had a joyful and safe time over the break.

And now it’s time to get riding again. Our first run of the year (21/01/2018) THE CRAMS FARM RUN will once again be a beauty.  After greeting old friends and meeting new ones at the Kirra Sports Club ( please be there well before the departure time of 10am NSW time to sign on) we will enjoy a ride together eventually making our way out to a very picturesque setting where we get to enjoy a beautiful lunch served up by Phil and his helpers. Not a member yet?, then why not sign up on the day and enjoy all the benefits and fun times our club provides. Raffles will be held on the day for your chance to win some great prizes. Crams Farm Run T shirts and other club items will also be available to purchase on the day. Come along and if you don’t already know then you will soon find out what our great club is all about. We hope to see you on Sunday 21st January. Members $10 – Non Members $15 includes lunch and a back up trailer. THMCEC.

THMCEC raffles commence again this Thursday night at the Kirra Sports Club from 6.30pm QLD TIME and at the Coolangatta Hotel on Saturday from 1pm QLD TIME, please come along and show your support not just for our club but for all of the fantastic charities that the money raised from the raffles go to, not to mention the chance to catch up and have a chat with your other club mates.



Well the 2017 AGM is done and dusted, sad to see Harry having to stand down because he has done an amazing job with our club, however welcome to the people who will lead us throughout 2018.

PRESIDENT Gary Caldwell – Vice President Peter Williamson

Secretary Sandra Murphy – Treasurer Mark Phippard

General Commitee – Lindsay Saunders, Harry Lente, Tony Bruggy, Phil Atkins, Jeff Kleem, Gary Lamb, Kevin Dyson, Tommy Patterson

Events Committee – Bill O’Brien, Jeff Kleem, Gary Lamb (Vintage Runs), Kevin Dyson, Mick Colvin

Catering – Phil Atkins
Web & Facebook -Jeff Kleem
Editor – Lindsay Saunders
Texting – Gary Caldwell
Public Officer – Harry Lente
Raffle Teams
Week 1 – Harry & Noel
Week 2 – Nigel & Pete Williamson
Week 3 – Lindsay Saunders & Gary Ross
Week 4 – Mick & Gus
Week 5 – Popeye, Tom Patterson, Pete Bale
Merchandise – Pete Williamson

Members that have vintage rego, must attend at least 3 rides or events per year or they will fail the club requirements for their vintage rego”. Harry Lente vintage registrar.



(Be sure to get there early to sign on)



As from NEXT YEAR  our membership and run fees will rise slightly, which they have not done for a long long long time.

Membership fees will rise to $40 for current members and $50 for a new membership, the cost per couple will be $60 for existing members and $80 for new couples.

Run fees will rise to $10.00 for members and $15 for non member which includes lunch on catered runs and a back up trailer should you have problems


Besides Phil and his team that feeds us lol  CORNER MARKERS  are the most important people on our runs as they hold us all together as a group so we all make it to the next stop and get to enjoy each others company, unfortunately on  several  runs we have become splinter groups as the corner markers became none existent (mostly on the ride home or back to the club) If you are a member you will know how corner markers work. if you are not a member and do not know or are inviting fellow riders who may not know then this is how it works.  We set off from our meeting point or stop points when the run leader, tail end charley (aka Harry mostly) and the back up trailer are ready to go, from then on nobody stops you from enjoying your ride BUT if you find yourself behind the run leader and he turns a corner or if you think it’s a change of direction that the following riders may miss YOU MUST wait on that corner in a safe spot and in clear view of the following riders so they know which way they need to go. You also Must wait until tail end Charley (aka Harry mostly) comes past and then off you go again. It is really not that hard to help your fellow riders find their way as a group and get to enjoy what we set out to do, and that is enjoy the ride and each others company. If you do not want to be a corner marker do not be the rider behind the ride leader. Also if you do intend to leave the group somewhere on the way home if you could let us know and perhaps drop to the back of the pack before you need to turn off so that nobody follows you home that would be good.  All we are trying to do by having good corner markers is to keep everyone together, enjoy the day and stay as safe as possible. Thank you.


We are APPEALING  to club members if they could please make an extra effort to
attend our bi-weekly raffles. Attendance has been low of late and while Kirra
Sports Club has always been supportive of our club, we need to be supportive of
them as well.
Coolangatta Hotel is a very tenuous arrangement, if we are not seen to be
supporting our own raffles there, they may not allow us to continue. We would
also like some feed back or suggestions from members on our raffles and club
functions, for example if they would prefer the two assorted meat trays at
Coolangatta or are they happy with just the one single top quality tray?
We do not need to remind members that these raffles are the clubs bread and
butter, without which we will not be able to make donations to our charities and
function as an effective, “Not for Profit organisation” and lose our ability to hold
these raffles and raise the much needed funds.
And once again we would like to thank the raffle team members that put in the
hard yards every week to raise the funds that make the club the success it is, as
well as the members that attend the raffles and support their effort.
We are appealing to members for this much needed extra support of our raffles
because as some members may not be aware that we have lost our Border
Park storage unit and are now paying rent of $60 per week which is over $3,000
per year to store our trailers which is now one of the clubs largest overheads and
will deplete our funds considerably until we can find alternative and permanent
storage for them in the future. If there are any club members that could provide
or are aware of a cost free or cheaper secure storage for the trailers and freezer please let us know


(Be sure to get there early to sign on)